Logic Pro X: British Stacks

British Stacks

The British Stack models are based on the 50- and 100-watt amplifier heads that have largely defined the sound of heavy rock, especially when paired with 4 x 12” cabinets. At medium gain settings, these amps are suitable for thick chords and riffs. Raising the gain yields lyrical solo tones and powerful rhythm guitar parts. Complex peaks and dips across the tonal spectrum keep the tones clear and appealing, even when heavy distortion is used.



Vintage British Stack

Captures the sound of a late 1960s 50-watt amp famed for its powerful, smooth distortion. Notes retain clarity, even at maximum gain. After four decades this remains a definitive rock tone.

Modern British Stack

1980s and 1990s descendants of the Vintage British amplifier head, which were optimized for hard rock and metal styles of the time. Tonally, it has a deeper and brighter sound at the low and high end, with a more “scooped” midrange than the Vintage British amp.

Brown Stack

Unique tones can be coaxed from a British head by running it at lower voltages than its designers intended. The resulting “brown” sound—often more distorted and loose than the standard tone—can add interesting thickness to a guitar sound.

Tip: The classic British head and 4 x 12” cabinet combo is ideal for riffs at high gain levels. These heads can also sound good through small cabinets, or at clean, low-gain settings.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019