Logic Pro X: Space Designer interface

Space Designer interface

The Space Designer interface consists of the following main sections:

Figure. Space Designer window, showing main interface areas.
  • Impulse response parameters: Use to load, save, or manipulate recorded or synthesized impulse response files. The chosen impulse response file determines what Space Designer uses to convolve with your audio signal. See Use impulse responses.

  • Envelope, filter, and EQ parameters: Use the buttons in the display mode bar to switch the main display and parameter bar between envelope, filter, and EQ views. Use the main display to edit parameters graphically, or use the parameter bar to edit them numerically. See Space Designer envelopes and EQ overview and Space Designer filter and filter envelope.

  • Global parameters: After your impulse response is loaded or generated, use these parameters to determine how Space Designer operates on the overall signal and impulse response. Included are input and output parameters, predelay, and more. See Space Designer global parameters overview.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019