Logic Pro X: Edit Space Designer envelopes

Edit Space Designer envelopes

You can edit the volume and filter envelopes of sampled or synthesized impulse responses. You can also alter the density envelope of synthesized impulse responses. All envelopes can be adjusted graphically in the main display, or numerically in the parameter bar.

The combined total of the volume and filter envelope Attack and Decay time parameter values is equal to the length of the synthesized or sampled impulse response, unless the decay time is reduced. See Use impulse responses.

The positions of nodes in the main display indicate the current parameter value shown in the parameter bar below—for Init Level, Attack, Decay, and other envelope parameter values. If you edit any numerical value in the parameter bar, the corresponding node moves in the main display, and vice-versa.

Change an envelope value numerically in Space Designer

  • Vertically drag the parameter field—Attack, for example—in the parameter bar at the bottom of the main display.

    The corresponding node (including associated nodes, if applicable) moves in the main display.

Move an envelope node graphically in Space Designer

  • Drag the node (large, solid circle) in any available direction.

    The corresponding field value changes in the parameter bar below the main display.

Change Space Designer envelope curve shapes

Make sure that Show Bezier Handles is active in the Action menu at the top right of the global parameters.

  1. Drag the envelope curve (the line itself) in the main display.

  2. Drag the small nodes (hollow circles) attached to a line for fine adjustments to envelope curves. These nodes are tied to the envelope curve itself, so you can view them as handles that you use to change the Bezier curve.

    Figure. Main display section, showing graphical envelope edit.
Published Date: Aug 9, 2019