Logic Pro X: ES2 modulation overview

ES2 modulation overview

ES2 is equipped with a huge number of modulation sources and targets, making it a synthesizer that can generate extraordinary sounds that constantly evolve, sound like audio loops, or are just plain expressive to play.

Figure. Modulation sources, Modulation Router, Planar Pad, and Vector Envelope overview.
  • Modulation router: The modulation router—or router, for short—links modulation sources, such as the envelope, to modulation targets, such as the oscillators and filters. The router features ten modulation routings, arranged into columns. See Use the modulation router.

  • Modulation sources: The modulation sources include the LFOs and envelopes. See ES2 LFO overview and ES2 envelopes overview.

  • Vector Envelope: The Vector Envelope is an extremely sophisticated, loop-capable, multipoint envelope that can control the Planar Pad and Triangle (oscillator mix parameter). Click the Vector Envelope button to view it in place of the modulation router. See Use the Vector Envelope.

  • Planar Pad: The Planar Pad is a two-dimensional controller that facilitates the simultaneous manipulation of two, freely assignable, parameters. It can be controlled with the Vector Envelope. See Use the Planar Pad.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2018