Logic Pro X: Overdrive


Overdrive emulates the distortion produced by a field effect transistor (FET), commonly used in solid-state musical instrument amplifiers and hardware effects devices. When saturated, FETs generate a warmer-sounding distortion than bipolar transistors, such as those emulated by the Distortion effect.

Figure. Overdrive effect window.

Overdrive parameters

  • Drive knob and field: Set the saturation amount for the simulated FET transistor.

  • Tone knob and field: Set the frequency of the high cut filter. Filtering the harmonically rich distorted signal produces a softer tone.

  • Output knob and field: Set the output level.

  • Level Compensation button: Turn on to reference the overall processing of the signal to 0 dB. This compensates for increases in loudness caused by using overdrive.

  • Display: Shows the impact of parameters on the signal.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019