iCloud: What is Find My iPhone?

What is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone helps you locate and protect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Mac if they’re ever lost or stolen. With Find My iPhone you can do the following:

Note: Find My iPhone must be set up on your device before you can do any of these actions.

To use Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, go to icloud.com/find and sign in using your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).

If you’re using another iCloud app, you can switch to Find My iPhone by clicking the app’s name at the top of the iCloud.com window.

If you don’t see Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, your account just has access to iCloud web-only features. To use Find My iPhone and other iCloud features, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.

When using Find My iPhone from a computer, make sure you use a browser recommended in the Apple Support article System requirements for iCloud.

Published Date: Jun 20, 2019