Logic Pro X: Drum Kit Designer extended parameters

Drum Kit Designer extended parameters

Drum Kit Designer provides additional parameters that are accessed by clicking the disclosure triangle at the lower left.

The Input Mapping pop-up menu lets you choose different mappings that provide enhanced control of HiHats. The maps also change the way Drum Kit Designer sounds are assigned across the MIDI note range. See Drum Kit Designer mappings.

Extended parameters

  • Input Mapping pop-up menu: Choose a keyboard mapping mode.

    • GM: Drums are mapped to the GM standard.

    • GM + ModWheel controls HiHat opening level: The keyboard Mod Wheel is mapped for hi-hat control. Additional sounds are also mapped to keyboard zones above and below the standard GM note mapping range.

    • V-Drum: Drums are mapped to work with V-Drum hi-hat, cymbal, and drum triggers.

  • Gain sliders: Drag the slider or in the field to adjust the level of the corresponding sound (if available in the kit).

    • Shaker Gain

    • Tambourine Gain

    • Claps Gain

    • Cowbell Gain

    • Sticks Gain

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019