Clips for iOS: Move, change, and save clips

Move, change, and save clips
A video image in the viewer, with a row of clips below and buttons for muting, deleting, trimming, or saving the selected clip.

Reorder clips: Touch and hold a clip until it floats, then drag it left or right.

Mute a clip: Tap a clip, then tap Mute N/A. If the clip has more than one kind of audio, you can choose whether to mute audio you added (such as a recorded voiceover) or the clip’s original audio. To hear the sound again, tap Mute N/A.

Trim a clip: Tap a clip, then tap Trim N/A. Drag the start and end markers to set the beginning and end of the clip, then tap Apply.

Delete a clip: Tap a clip, then tap Delete N/A. Tap Delete Clip to confirm.

Copy a clip to your library: Tap a clip, then tap Save Clip N/A. The clip is saved to a Clips album in your library.

Note: Clips copied to your library are saved without filters, labels, stickers, or emoji. To save a clip or photo with items you’ve added, see Add labels, stickers, and emoji.

Duplicate a clip: Tap a clip at the bottom of the screen to select it. Touch and hold the viewer, tap Copy, then tap Done. Touch and hold the viewer, then tap Paste. The clip appears in the viewer. Touch and hold the Record button for the number of seconds you want the clip to appear in your video. The duplicate clip appears at the end of your video, with any filters, labels, stickers, or emoji you added to the original clip.

Published Date: Jan 12, 2018
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