Clips for iOS: Add labels, stickers, and emoji

Add labels, stickers, and emoji
A video image in the viewer, with Labels selected and label options shown below.

You can add customizable labels, fun stickers, and even emoji to clips in your video.

Add a label, sticker, or emoji: Tap the Effects button, then tap Labels, Stickers, or Emoji. Swipe to browse the available choices, then tap the one you want to use. After you add the label, sticker, or emoji, you can drag it, rotate it, or pinch to resize it.

Note: Labels and stickers are fully animated, but the animation appears only when recording or playing back the clip.

Edit label or sticker text: Tap a label or sticker (or tap a clip with a label or sticker), then tap the text to edit it. When you’re finished, tap Apply, then tap X.

Delete a label, sticker, or emoji: Tap the item you want to remove, then tap X near the corner of the item.

Save a clip or photo with a filter, labels, stickers, or emoji: Tap the Projects button at the top of the screen, then tap Create New . Record a clip or take a photo, then tap the Effects button. Add a filter or any labels, stickers, or emoji you want. Tap X, tap the Share button, then tap Save Video or Save Image (or tap another share option to share the clip).

Note: You can only save or share a clip with a filter, labels, stickers, or emoji when there are no other clips in your project.

Published Date: Jan 12, 2018
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