Logic Pro X: Import MusicXML files

Import MusicXML files

MusicXML is an XML-based music notation file format, supported by many notation and music OCR apps and some music production apps. MusicXML files contain MIDI data, as well as additional notation data that is mapped to Logic Pro notation features including score symbols, staff styles, and more. You can import a MusicXML file to a new or existing project, play the resulting regions in the project, and view the regions as music notation.

When you import a MusicXML file, new tracks are created below any existing tracks in the Tracks area, with MIDI regions containing the contents of the MusicXML file. Regions are added starting from the playhead position. The tracks (instruments) of the MusicXML file are assigned to tracks (instruments) with the same name, if such tracks (instruments) exist in the project. If no tracks (instruments) with the same name exist, a new software instrument track and channel strip are created for each track (instrument) of the imported MusicXML file.

Import a MusicXML file

  • Choose File > Import > MusicXML, then choose the file in the Import dialog.

Fecha de publicación: Aug 9, 2019
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