Keynote for Mac: Stop sharing a Keynote presentation

Stop sharing a Keynote presentation

If you’re the owner, you can stop sharing a presentation to prevent anyone from viewing or editing it.

  1. Click the Collaborators button in the toolbar, then click Share Options.

  2. Click Stop Sharing, then click OK.

Anyone who has the presentation open when you stop sharing sees an alert; the presentation closes when the alert is dismissed, and the presentation is removed from the participants’ iCloud Drive. The link to the presentation no longer works.

If you later share the presentation again and set the access to “Anyone with the link,” the original link will work. If the access is set to “Only people you invite,” the original link will work again only for people you reinvite to share the presentation.

Note: If you’re the owner of the shared presentation and you move a presentation to another location, the link is broken, and people lose access to the presentation.

Published Date: Apr 3, 2019