macOS Sierra: Set up a simplified Finder

Set up a simplified Finder

You can give a user easy access to just a few items on the Mac by turning on Simple Finder in Parental Controls preferences. Instead of the many options available in the full Finder, Simple Finder shows only three folders: My Applications, Documents, and Shared. You can decide which apps and documents the user can see in the folders.

Before you can set up Simple Finder for a user, turn on parental controls. For more information, see Set up parental controls.

Set up Simple Finder

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Parental Controls.

  2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.

  3. Select a user in the list of users, then click Other.

  4. Select Use Simple Finder.

You may have to restart the Mac for the changes to take effect.

Change preferences for a user’s Simple Finder

  • In the Simple Finder, choose Finder > Run Full Finder, then enter your administrator name and password. In the full Finder you can make the changes you want in Parental Controls preferences.

    When you’re done, choose Finder > Return to Simple Finder.

Published Date: Mar 28, 2017