macOS Sierra: Open folders in new Finder tabs or windows

Open folders in new Finder tabs or windows

When you open a folder in the Finder, the folder’s contents usually replace the current contents of the window. If you prefer, you can open a folder in a new tab or window.

Set folders to open in tabs or windows

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Dock.

  2. Click the “Prefer tabs when opening documents” pop-up menu, then choose an option:

    • Always

    • In Full Screen Only

    • Manually

    By default, documents open in tabs only when an app is full screen.

You can also select what happens when you press and hold the Command key and double-click a folder. In the Finder, choose Finder > Preferences, then click General. Select “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows” to have folders open in tabs; deselect it to have folders open in windows.

Open folders in tabs or windows

  • Press the Command key while you double-click the folder.

    The folder opens in a new tab or window, depending on your Finder preferences.

    Tip: If the Finder toolbar and sidebar are hidden, double-clicking a folder without pressing the Command key opens the folder in a new window.

To open a new Finder window without opening a specific folder, choose File > New Finder Window or press Command-N.

Work with tabs

  • If all of your tabs aren’t visible, scroll through them.

  • When two or more tabs are open, click the Add button to open a new tab.

  • To close a tab, place the pointer over the tab, then click the Delete button .

Published Date: Mar 28, 2017
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