macOS Sierra: All apps included on your Mac

Your Mac comes with a lot of fun and useful apps already installed. You can open some of these apps by clicking their icons in the Dock. Or you can click the Launchpad icon in the Dock to use Launchpad to see and open all of these apps.

Launchpad icon in Dock

Popular apps

These apps are also available in the Applications folder in the Finder.

Safari icon


Everything you expect in a web browser, plus an offline Reading List,
Pinned Sites, Apple Pay, Picture in Picture, and more.


Mail icon


Send, receive, and manage email using your favorite Internet accounts,
such as iCloud, Google, Yahoo!, and Exchange, directly in Mail.


Contacts icon


Store information—phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and more—for
your friends, family, and coworkers.


Calendar icon


Keep track of all your meetings, events, and appointments in one place.


Reminders icon


Create separate lists for to-dos, projects, groceries, and anything else you
want to keep track of.


Notes icon


Jot down a quick thought—add a photo, video, or URL—to keep track of for later.


Maps icon


Get directions to or from a location—including current traffic conditions and built-in
 public transportation maps and schedules—and send it to your iOS device to use on the go.


Messages icon


Stay in touch with your friends by sending messages with text, images, and other files.


FaceTime icon


Make video and audio calls to your family and friends, whether they’re using
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac.


Photo Booth icon

Photo Booth

Take fun photos or record videos using your computer’s built-in camera or an
external video camera connected to your Mac.


Safari icon


Import, view, and organize your photos and videos, and create projects and
prints from them. With iCloud Photo Library, photos and video in the photo library
 on your Mac are stored in iCloud, so you can access them from your other devices.


iTunes icon


Organize and play your music and videos; find music, movies, TV shows, podcasts,
 and more; listen to iTunes Radio; stream or download songs from Apple Music;
 and set up your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.


iBooks icon


Read a classic, keep up with the latest bestsellers, and study textbooks with iBooks for Mac.


App Store icon

App Store

Find, buy, install, update, and review Mac apps.


Preview icon


View and edit PDFs and images, import images from a camera, and take pictures of
your screen.


Dictionary icon


Quickly look up words in dictionaries, thesauruses, and other sources while working in
 apps or while browsing webpages.


Calculator icon


Perform basic, advanced, or programmer calculations.


iMovie icon


Browse your video clips, share your favorite moments, and create stunning trailers and
movies. You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, and finish on your Mac.
iMovie comes on every new Mac.

Open iMovie Help for me

iMovie website

GarageBand icon


A complete music studio on your Mac—a sound library with software instruments, presets
 for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers—so you can
create and share your hits worldwide. GarageBand comes on every new Mac.

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GarageBand website

Keynote icon


Create stunning presentations with images, media, charts, animations, and more. Work
seamlessly between your Mac and iOS devices, and effortlessly with
people who use Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Keynote website

Numbers icon


Create compelling spreadsheets with formulas, functions, interactive charts, and more.
Work seamlessly between your Mac and iOS devices, and effortlessly
with people who use Microsoft Excel.

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Numbers website

Pages icon


Create beautiful documents with formatted text, images, media, tables, and more. Work
 seamlessly between your Mac and iOS devices, and effortlessly with
 people who use Microsoft Word.

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Pages website

Other apps

By default, these apps appear in the Other folder in Launchpad. You can also find and open them in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder in the Finder.

Activity Monitor icon

Activity Monitor

Get information about the processor, apps, disks, memory, and network activity on your Mac.


AirPort Utility icon

AirPort Utility

Set up and manage a Wi-Fi network and AirPort Base Station.


Audio MIDI Setup icon

Audio MIDI Setup

Set up audio and MIDI devices connected to your Mac, select audio channel input and output
devices, configure output speakers, and more.


Automator icon


Create powerful automations without the need of complicated programming or scripting languages.


Boot Camp Assistant icon

Boot Camp Assistant

Use Windows on your Mac.

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Bluetooth File Exchange icon

Bluetooth File Exchange

Make short-range wireless connections between devices, eliminating the need for many cables.

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Chess icon


Play chess with your Mac.


ColorSync Utility icon

ColorSync Utility

Adjust your computer’s color profiles.


Console icon


View log messages in Console, where you may find details about a problem that occurs with your Mac.


Digital Color Meter icon

Digital Color Meter

Find the color value of any color on your display.


Disk Utility icon

Disk Utility

Manage disks, disk images, and RAID sets.


DVD Player icon

DVD Player

Play DVDs or DVD movie files on your Mac.


Font Book icon

Font Book

Install, manage, and preview fonts.


Grab icon


Take pictures, or screenshots, of all or part of your screen.


Grapher icon


Visualize and analyze implicit and explicit equations.


Image Capture icon

Image Capture

Transfer and scan images, or take a picture.


Ink icon


Add sketches and handwritten text wherever you can enter text, such as in a document.
When you connect a graphics tablet to your Mac, Ink preferences
appear in System Preferences.

Keychain Access icon

Keychain Access

Store your passwords and account information and reduce the number of passwords you
have to remember and manage.


Migration Assistant icon

Migration Assistant

Transfer your information from a Mac, PC, or disk.

Open Migration Assistant Help for me

QuickTime Player icon

QuickTime Player

Play video or audio files.


Script Editor icon

Script Editor

Create powerful scripts, tools, and even apps.


Stickies icon


Keep notes, lists, and pictures in sticky notes on your desktop.


System Information icon

System Information

Get details about the hardware, network, and software specifications for your Mac.


Terminal icon


Access the complete UNIX operating system in macOS.


TextEdit icon


Create and edit plain text, rich text, HTML, and other kinds of documents.


VoiceOver Utility icon

VoiceOver Utility

Customize VoiceOver, the full-featured screen reader built into macOS.


To buy or download more apps, visit the App Store.

If you previously had iPhoto on your Mac, it’s still on your Mac. However, it’s strongly recommended that you use Photos instead of iPhoto to work with your photos. For more information, see Switch to Photos from iPhoto.

If you use apps at night, you may be able to use Night Shift to make the colors on the screen warmer, which is easier on your eyes.


Published Date: Mar 29, 2017
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