Keynote for Mac: Self-playing or interactive presentations

Self-playing or interactive presentations

You can set your presentation to advance automatically, like a movie, with no interaction needed. Or you can set up an interactive presentation that changes slides only when the viewer clicks its links. You can also set a presentation to play when it’s opened, to play continuously in a loop, and to restart if the presentation sits idle for a specific period of time.

These options are particularly useful when the presentation is played in a kiosk setting.

Make an interactive presentation or one that advances automatically

  1. With the presentation open, click the Document tab in the Document  sidebar.

  2. Select any playback options:

    • Automatically play upon open: The presentation begins playing immediately after it’s opened.

    • Loop slideshow: The presentation plays continuously. To turn your presentation into a self-playing loop, be sure to choose Self-Playing from the Presentation Type pop-up menu, as described in step 3.

    • Restart show if idle for: Use the arrows to set the length of idle time before a presentation restarts. If a presentation is playing and there hasn’t been any interaction with the screen after a period of time, the presentation returns to the first slide.

  3. Click the Presentation Type pop-up menu, then choose one of the following:

    • Links Only: Changes slides only when the presenter (or viewer) clicks a link.

    • Self-Playing: Advances automatically, with no interaction needed. To change the delay between slide transitions or between build effects, use the controls next to Delay.

    To return to the default behavior of changing slides with the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys, choose Normal.

To play the presentation, click to select the slide you want to begin with in the slide navigator, then click the Play button in the toolbar.

公開日: Jun 27, 2019