iPhoto ‘11: Accounts preferences

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Accounts preferences

iPhoto uses these settings for Photo Mail (emailing photos directly from iPhoto), and for publishing photos to Facebook and Flickr.

If you use the Mail application included with OS X, iPhoto uses any account information you’ve set up in Mail to fill in some of this information. (iPhoto collects the information the first time you use Photo Mail; if you add accounts in Mail later, you can add them to iPhoto manually.) If you’re not sure what to type, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for the information.

You can set up more than one email account and switch between accounts using the From pop-up menu at the top of the email message.

Note:   Which options you see in the Preferences window depends on the service you use and other factors, such as whether an account has already been created.


The accounts you set up to email photos from iPhoto appear here. Click an account to see its settings.

Add (+) and Delete (–) buttons

To add a new account, click the Add (+) button and select a Facebook, Flickr, or Email account. If you select Email, select the service you plan to use. If your service isn’t listed, choose Other.

To delete an account, select it and click the Delete (–) button.

For email accounts

Account Type

The account type or the service provider for the selected email account.


(Optional) A description for this account (for example, “Work email”).

Email Address

The email address for this account (for example, YourName@me.com).

Full Name

The full name you want to appear in your emails.

Outgoing Mail Server

The server for outgoing mail. This is the same server listed in your email account setup (in Accounts Preferences, if you’re using Mail). If you don’t know it, contact your ISP.


The port to use. This is the same port listed in your email account setup (in Accounts Preferences, if you’re using Mail). If you don’t know it, contact your ISP.

User Name

The account’s user name. Your user name is the name you use when you log in to view your email. (Your user name could be your first name or a nickname followed by numbers, for example.)


The password for this email account.

Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

To provide the most security (privacy) for your email, leave this checkbox selected. Deselect it only if you have a very specific reason to do so (for example, if an email server refuses to accept a message because of SSL).

Last Modified: Sep 3, 2015

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