Pages for iCloud: Upload a document to Pages for iCloud

Upload a document to Pages for iCloud

You can upload a document created in Pages for Mac or in Microsoft Word to Pages for iCloud so you can edit it on the web. You can also upload files saved in plain text (with a .txt filename extension), Rich Text Format (with a .rtf filename extension), or Rich Text Format Directory (with a .rtfd filename extension).

Do one of the following:

  • With the document manager in browse view, drag a document from your computer to the document manager.

  • In the document manager, click the Upload button in the toolbar, select a document, then click Choose or Open.

Note: You may notice some differences between working in a document in Pages for Mac or Pages for iOS and Pages for iCloud. For more information, see Working with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files on

Published Date: Jul 23, 2019