Game Center (El Capitan): Play multiplayer games

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Play multiplayer games
Play multiplayer games in Game Center

You can play multiplayer games with your friends or with game players from all over the world.

In Game Center, you see the games your friends challenged you to. For turn-based games, you see if it’s your turn.

  • Play a game:
    You can play games without opening the Game Center app—just open the game like you would any other app. For more information

    When you start a game, you see a welcome banner that shows your nickname.

  • Invite people to join a game:
    Multiplayer games usually include a menu where you can choose to invite friends to play, play against others nearby (people with the game installed who are on your Wi-Fi network or within Bluetooth range), or use auto-match to search the world for an opponent who’s already playing the game.
  • Respond to game requests:
    When someone invites you to join a game, you receive a notification. If you accept the invitation, the game opens and you can start playing. To turn off game invites, change your account settings.
  • Play a turn-based multiplayer game:
    Click Turns, select a game on the left, click an opponent on the right, then click “Play your turn.”

    If it’s your opponent’s turn, you can click Forfeit to end the game, or click View Game to see where you left off.

Published Date: Sep 19, 2017