iAd Workbench: What is iAd Workbench?

What is iAd Workbench?

iAd Workbench is the simplest way to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns for your apps, music, websites, movies, and more. It enables you to reach millions of Apple users in over 100 countries.

You can:

It’s simple: in just a few steps you select your audience, set your budget, and create ads. Your ads can include a customized ad banner, a full-page ad, or an MREC (medium rectangle) ad. Users can tap the banner or ad to watch your video, visit your website, download your app or other iTunes Store content, or go to a specific location within your app (using a deep link). If you create a banner ad, you can also let users see an expanded ad—an interactive, rich media ad created using the iAd Producer app.

Users tap your ad banner on an iOS device to see your app on the App Store. They can tap to download, or leave the app, and they return to the app they were using.

You can also create video ads for apps that support video. Instead of a banner, these ads contain a video that begins playing automatically; users can tap a link to go to your website, your product page on the iTunes Store or App Store, or a deep link in your app.

Your video begins to play automatically. Users tap the Learn More link. They go to your iTunes Store page or your website.

To use iAd Workbench, you need to create an iAd Workbench account (or be listed as a user on an account).

To sign in, use your Apple ID and password.

Note:   For best results, it’s recommended that you use iAd Workbench with one of the following operating systems and browsers:
  • OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8 or later) and Safari

  • Windows XP and Firefox

  • Windows 7 and Chrome

Published Date: Apr 28, 2016