iAd Workbench: Create an account

Create an account

To create an iAd Workbench account, you need an Apple ID.

Create an account

Do one of the following:

If you’re an iOS developer promoting iOS apps: The iTunes Connect administrator for your organization needs to sign in to iadworkbench.apple.com to set up your account. Once your account is set up, the administrator can add users and set up permissions.

If you’re an authorized representative of an iOS developer (agency or other third party), the iOS developer needs to add you to the developer’s iAd Workbench account as a user.

If you’re promoting any product, service, or iTunes Store content (including iOS apps, if you aren’t an iOS developer): Sign in to iadworkbench.apple.com using your Apple ID and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re the first person in your organization to create an iAd Workbench account, you’re automatically the administrator of your organization’s account. You can assign additional administrators at any time.

If you received an email invitation to join an existing iAd Workbench organization: Click the link in the email and enter the included authorization code when prompted.

For information about adding users and setting up permissions, see Manage account and user information.

Sign in or out

To prevent others from accessing your account while you’re away from your computer, you can sign out of your account.

Do one of the following:

Sign in to iAd Workbench: Go to iadworkbench.apple.com, type your Apple ID and password, and press Return.

Sign out of iAd Workbench: Click your account name at the top-right corner of the screen and choose Sign Out from the pop-up menu.

Published Date: Apr 28, 2016
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