iMovie for Mac: Select one or more clips

Select one or more clips

Selecting clips is the first step in building your movie.

For information about selecting a portion of a clip, see Select part of a clip.

Select a clip

  • In the browser or timeline, click the clip.

    In the browser, a yellow border with trim handles appears around the clip. When you move the pointer over the clip, its duration is shown in the upper-left corner of the filmstrip.

    Browser showing selected clip with yellow border and clip duration in upper-left corner

    In the timeline, a yellow border appears around the clip, and the playhead moves to the point where you clicked.

    Selected clip in timeline with yellow border and playhead positioned over clip

Select multiple clips

  • Select a group of clips: Hold down the Command key as you click each clip you want to select, or drag a selection rectangle around the clips.

  • Select all video clips in your movie: Select a clip, and choose Edit > Select in Movie > Video Clips.

Deselect clips

  • Deselect a clip: Select a different clip, or click the gray background of the browser or timeline.

  • Deselect all clips: Choose Edit > Deselect All.

Select specific types of content in a movie

In addition to selecting all of the clips in a movie, you can select all of the transitions, photos, animated travel maps, or backgrounds.

  • Choose Edit > Select in Movie, and choose a type of content from the submenu.

Published Date: Oct 10, 2019