OS X El Capitan: Use Launchpad to view and open apps

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Use Launchpad to view and open apps

Launchpad is a central location where you can see and open apps that are on your Mac. When you download an app from the App Store, it automatically appears in Launchpad.

To open Launchpad, click the Launchpad icon in the Dock. To close Launchpad without opening an app, click anywhere on the screen (except on an app), or press Esc.


Open and find apps in Launchpad

Open an app: Click the app.

Search for an app: Start typing the app’s name in the search field; results appear as you type.

Move between pages of apps: Swipe left or right on your trackpad or Magic Mouse. Or press Command-Left Arrow or Command-Right Arrow.

Organize apps in Launchpad

Move an app: Drag the app to a new location on the page.

Move an app to another page: Drag the app to the edge of the screen, then release it when the page you want appears.

Group apps in a folder: Drag one app over another to create a folder, then drag other apps to the folder.

Open and close a folder: Click the folder, such as Other. To close the folder, click anywhere outside of it.

Rename a folder: Open the folder, click its name, then enter a new name.

Move an app out of a folder: Open the folder, then drag the app out of the folder.

Add and remove apps

Add an app to Launchpad: If you want Launchpad to include an app that you didn’t download from the App Store, move the app to the Applications folder in the Finder; the app automatically appears in Launchpad. For more information, see See your files in the Finder.

Add an app to the Dock: Drag the app from Launchpad to the Dock, then drop the app to the left of the Dock’s separator line. The app is in the Dock and in Launchpad.

Dock separator line between apps and files and folders

Uninstall an app from your Mac: Click and hold an app until all the apps begin to jiggle, then click an app’s Delete button .

If an app doesn’t have a Delete button, it can’t be uninstalled in Launchpad. For more information, see Install, update, and uninstall apps.

Published Date: Sep 16, 2017
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