OS X El Capitan: Tips for creating secure passwords

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Tips for creating secure passwords

Create secure passwords

  • Choose a password with eight characters or more and a mix of different character types.

  • Don’t use names, words found in a dictionary, phone numbers, dates, or simple combinations of these.

  • Avoid using a pattern of keyboard characters, such as diagonal lines of keyboard keys (for example, njimko).

  • Use a sequence of random characters. Include a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and (if the site or item allows it) characters typed while holding down the Option key.

  • Use the Password Assistant to help you choose a secure password. To open the Password Assistant, click the Key button next to the New Password field. As you enter a password in the Password assistant, it displays how secure the password is.

    Password Assistant

Create easy-to-remember but secure passwords

  • Start with a phrase, verse, or line from a song. Omit some letters, and transform others into numbers or punctuation marks that resemble the original character. You might want to insert additional punctuation and numbers too.

    For example, the phrase “You will be welcomed” could be turned into “UW1llBvv3lc0meD;”.

    And, of course, don’t use this password—everyone who reads this example will know it!

  • Add a password hint to help remind you of the password.

Use iCloud Keychain for website passwords

  • When you need to create a new password for a website, Safari suggests a unique, hard-to-guess password and saves it in your iCloud Keychain. Safari fills it in automatically the next time you need to sign in to the website, so you don’t have to remember it or enter it on any of your devices. For more information, see Set up iCloud Keychain.

Published Date: Sep 16, 2017