Maps: Mark a location with a pin

Mark a location with a pin
Mark a map location with a pin

You can drop a pin at a location to get directions or help you find it again. Pins are temporary, but you can save a location to use later by marking it as a favorite.

Drop a pin

  1. On your map, Control-click the location you want to mark with a pin, then choose Drop Pin. (Or force click on a Mac with a Force Touch trackpad.) Maps drops a purple pin in the center of the map.

    Maps uses red pins to mark locations—for example, when you search for a business—but a pin that you drop is purple. You can have only one dropped pin on the map at a time.

  2. If the pin isn’t where you want it, drag it to a new location on the map.

To see information about a pin, click it, then click the Info button . To close the Info window, click outside of it.

Remove a pin

You can remove a pin that you drop (purple pin ).

Make sure the pin is visible, then choose Edit > Remove Pin.

You can also Control-click a pin, then choose Remove Pin.

To clear pins added from search results (red pins ), click Clear Search button in the search field.

Published Date: Dec 16, 2015
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