GarageBand ‘11: Add and adjust control points

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Add and adjust control points

To create changes over time to volume, pan, and effects settings, you add control points to a track’s automation curves at different places in the timeline, and then adjust the control points so the value of the setting changes.

You can adjust control points by moving them up or down to a new value, or by moving them left or right to a new point in the timeline.

To add and adjust control points:

  1. Click the button with the triangle in the track’s header to show the track’s automation curves.

    Track header-automation button
  2. Choose the curve you want to edit from the pop-up menu on the left.

  3. Click the rectangular LED next to the pop-up menu to turn on the curve for editing.

  4. Click the automation curve at each place where you want to add a control point.

  5. Drag the control points up or down to change their value. Drag them left or right to move them to a different point in the timeline. Use the beat ruler to make sure control points are aligned with a beat or measure.

    Control points
  6. To edit control points in finer increments, hold down the Shift key as you move the control points.

  7. To select all the control points on a curve, click the curve’s header.

  8. To delete a control point, select it, then press the Delete key.

After you add a control point to a curve, the curve no longer moves when you drag the slider (for volume or parameter curves) or dial (for pan curves).

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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