GarageBand ‘11: Choose a guitar amp

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Choose a guitar amp

GarageBand includes a variety of guitar amp models that simulate the sounds of famous guitar amplifiers. You can choose an amp model to play and record your electric guitar in GarageBand. You can also adjust the amp controls (including gain, EQ, output, and reverb) to customize the sound.

For Electric Guitar tracks, you can choose a guitar preset, try different amp models, and adjust amp controls in the Track Info pane for the track. Guitar presets include an amp, stompbox effects, and instrument effects.

To choose a guitar preset:

  1. Double-click the header of an Electric Guitar track to open the Track Info pane.

  2. Choose a guitar preset from the pop-up menu at the top of the Track Info pane.

To choose a guitar amp:

In the Track Info pane, do one of the following:

  • Move the pointer over the amp on the stage, then click the arrow on the left or right side of the amp.

  • Select the amp on the stage, click Edit, then choose an amp model from the Amp Model pop-up menu.

    To turn off the amp model, click Edit, then deselect the Amp Model checkbox.

To adjust the guitar amp controls:

  1. In the Track Info pane, click the amp to select it.

    The amp controls appear below the stage.

    TI gtr track - amp controls
  2. Drag the knob for the control you want to change. Drag up to increase the value, or drag down to decrease the value.

To adjust the input and recording controls:

  1. In the Track Info pane, click Edit, or double-click the amp.

    The amp flips around, showing the input and recording controls and track effects. Some effects may not be visible until you click the arrow button above the controls.

    Add Track button
  2. Choose an input from the Input Source pop-up menu.

  3. Turn monitoring on or off using the Monitor pop-up menu.

  4. To adjust the input (recording) level, drag the Recording Level slider.

You can also add stompbox effects and track effects to an Electric Guitar track, and adjust effects settings.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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