GarageBand ‘11: Record sound from a microphone

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Record sound from a microphone

You can record your voice, an acoustic musical instrument, or any other sound using a microphone. You record sound from a microphone in a Real Instrument track.

To record sound from a microphone:

  1. Make sure the microphone is connected to your computer and is working.

  2. Double-click the header of the Real Instrument track you want to record on. The Track Info pane opens.

    Track Info-Real Instrument
  3. Drag the Recording Level slider to adjust the input level, or select the Automatic Level Control checkbox to automatically adjust the recording level.

    The Recording Level slider changes the input volume for the selected device in all audio applications. If the slider is dimmed in the Track Info pane, the input volume can’t be changed in GarageBand. In this case, use the hardware device’s volume control.

    Automatic Level Control lowers the level to prevent feedback, and raises the level if it is too low. You can select the Automatic Level Control checkbox only if Monitor is set to Off. The checkbox may be unavailable with some audio hardware.

    Sing or play into the microphone and watch the track’s level meters to make sure the track is getting input from the microphone.

  4. Move the playhead to the point in the beat ruler where you want to start recording.

    GarageBand includes a metronome, which plays a steady beat while you record. You can use the metronome to help you play in time while recording.

  5. Choose Control > Count In to have the metronome play a one-measure count-in before recording starts, or set the playhead a few beats before the point where you want the recorded part to begin, to give yourself time to start playing.

  6. Click the Record button (the red circle) in the control bar to start recording.

    Transport-Record button
  7. Sing or play into the microphone.

    The new region appears in the timeline as you record.

    As you record, watch the track’s level meters to make sure the track is receiving input, and that the input level is not high enough to cause clipping. If the red dots next to the level meters light up while you record, lower the input signal and try recording again.

  8. When you are finished playing, click the Play button to stop recording.

    Transport-Play button
Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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