GarageBand ‘11: Set the project length

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Set the project length

When you create a project, by default the project is 32 measures long. Projects can be as long as 9999 measures, in any tempo.

Each project has an end-of-project marker at the end of the project. The end-of-project marker appears as a purple triangle in the ruler. You can set the length of a project by moving the end-of-project marker. If you record past the end-of-project marker, or drag a region or loop past it, the marker moves to the right to accommodate the region or loop.

To set the length of a project:

  1. Scroll the timeline to the right so that you can see the purple end-of-project marker in the ruler.

  2. Drag the end-of-project marker left to shorten the project, or right to lengthen the project.

    end of project marker

When you share or export a project, the exported file extends from the beginning of the project either to a few seconds past the end of the last region or to the end-of-project marker, whichever comes first. If the cycle region is turned on, the exported file matches the length of the cycle region.

If you export a project containing a movie, the exported file cannot be shorter than the duration of the movie.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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