Pages for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch): Layer, group, and lock objects

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Layer, group, and lock objects
Layer, group, and lock objects in a Pages document

You can layer text and objects to create the appearance of depth on a page. You can then move objects higher (forward) or lower (backward) in the stack.

You can group multiple objects so that you can move, resize, and rotate them as a single unit. To avoid inadvertently moving, modifying, or deleting an object, you can lock it.

Layer objects

  1. Drag an object so that it overlaps with one or more other objects.

  2. Tap Format button, then tap Arrange.

  3. Tap an object, then drag the Move to Back/Front slider until the object is in the layer where you want it.

Group or ungroup objects

  1. Touch and hold an object, then with another finger, tap the other objects you want to group.

  2. Lift your fingers, then tap Group.

    One finger holding a shape and another finger tapping a separate shape

To ungroup objects, tap the group, then tap Ungroup.

Lock or unlock objects

When an object is locked, you can’t move, delete, or modify it in any way until you unlock it.

A locked object with dimmed selection handles
  1. Select one or more objects, then tap Format button.

  2. Tap Arrange, then swipe up and tap Lock at the bottom of the controls.

    If you don’t see Lock, the object is set to “Move with Text.” Tap Wrap, then turn off “Move with Text” and try again.

To unlock an object, tap it, then tap Unlock.

Published Date: May 26, 2018