GarageBand ‘11: Send a podcast to iWeb

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Send a podcast to iWeb

After you finish creating your podcast, you can send it to iWeb to publish it on the Internet. You can send a project containing a podcast track, a movie track, or only audio to iWeb as a podcast episode.

To send a podcast to iWeb:

  1. For projects with a podcast track, choose Track > Show Podcast Track. For projects with a movie track, choose Track > Show Movie Track.

  2. Choose Share > “Send Podcast to iWeb.”

  3. Choose a compression format from the Compress Using pop-up menu.

    You can choose either MP3 or AAC compression. Enhanced podcasts must be compressed as AAC files.

  4. Choose an audio quality setting from the Audio Settings pop-up menu.

    When you choose a setting, a brief explanation of the setting appears below the menu.

  5. Click Share.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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