Image Capture: Take a picture

Take a picture using Image Capture

Take a picture using Image Capture when a device with a camera is connected to your computer.

  1. Connect your device to your computer, then turn the device on.

    If the device is locked with a passcode, enter it.

  2. In Image Capture, select the device in the Devices list.
  3. Choose File > Take Picture.

    If the Take Picture command is dimmed, your device doesn’t support this feature.

  4. Set options for taking pictures:
    Option Description
    Manual (space or return key): Take a picture whenever the Take Picture window is in front and you press the Space bar or Return key.
    Automatically every: Take pictures at regular intervals. Set the interval, then press Start.
    Download new images to: Download pictures to the folder you choose in the pop-up menu.
    Delete after downloading: Delete a picture from the device after it’s downloaded.
Published Date: Jul 9, 2014
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