Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Install and update Safari extensions

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Safari extensions are software files you can install to add or change browser features. For example, you can install an extension that shows news headlines in a new bar.

Choose Safari > Preferences, click Extensions, then do any of the following:
Option Description
Download and install extensions: Click Get Extensions, then follow the instructions that appear.

Download and install extensions only from trusted sources. Safari extension filenames end with “.safariextz”.

See available updates: Click Updates, then turn off Install Updates Automatically. Install manually by clicking Install or Install All Updates, or turn on automatic updates again. Automatic updates are recommended.
Turn all extensions on or off: Click the On/Off switch.
Remove an extension: Select the extension, then click Uninstall.

Installing or uninstalling extensions, and turning them on or off, may take effect immediately or after you go to a new webpage or refresh the current page.

To find Safari extensions, visit the Safari Extensions Gallery website by choosing Safari > Safari Extensions.

Published Date: Nov 11, 2015