iPhoto 9.5: Create your own photo CDs and DVDs

Create your own photo CDs and DVDs

If you have a disc drive that can burn discs, you can share or archive your photos (and video clips) by putting them on a CD or DVD.

Create a CD or DVD by exporting

  1. In iPhoto, select the photos, albums, or video clips you want to burn to a disc.

  2. Choose File > Export.

  3. In the Export Photos window, click File Export, and then select your options.

    For best results, choose JPEG, Maximum, and Full Size. For more information, see Export a photo.

  4. When you’re ready, click Export, and export the photos to a folder on your computer.

  5. When the export is finished, quit iPhoto.

  6. Click the Finder icon in the Dock, and then insert a CD-RW disc or a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc into your drive.

  7. Drag the folder that contains your exported photos to the disc’s icon.

  8. When the files have been copied, choose File > Burn Disc, and then click Burn.

If you can’t burn a CD or DVD

Make sure that:

  • Your disc drive is a compatible CD-RW (CD-rewritable) or DVD-R (recordable drive).

    All Apple internal disc drives work with iPhoto.

    If you’re using an external disc drive, make sure it has CD-burning capability. Choose Apple menu > About This Mac, click More Info, and then click Disk Burning.

  • You’re using blank CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW discs. You can’t reuse or erase a CD-R or DVD-R disc that already has files on it. If a CD-RW or DVD-RW disc isn’t blank, you must erase it before you can put other files on it. From the Finder, choose Help > Mac Help, and then search for information about erasing discs.

  • Your computer or display doesn’t go to sleep while burning a disc. To keep your system from going to sleep, increase the sleep timing settings in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences. From the Finder, choose Help > Mac Help, and then search for information about changing these settings.

  • You’re not attempting to burn a slideshow or project (such as a book, card, or calendar). Instead, try selecting an album or a set of photos in an album or in the library.

Tip:   If your burn is unsuccessful and your external drive becomes unresponsive, try resetting the drive by turning its power off and on.
Published Date: Nov 19, 2013
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