Contacts (Mavericks): Group contacts

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Group contacts

Use groups and folders (for Exchange accounts) to organize your contacts by categories, or to easily send email to several people at once.

If you want a group that adds or deletes contacts automatically based on rules you define, create a Smart Group.

Use Smart Groups

If a contact has multiple email addresses, you can choose which address to use when sending mail to the groups the contact belongs to.

Select addresses for group members

Create a group or folder

  1. Select an account.
  2. Click Add (+), then choose New Group.

    You can also select contacts, then choose File > New Group From Selection.

Create subgroups or subfolders by dragging a group or folder to another group or folder.

Add contacts to a group or folder

Select one or more contacts and drag them to a group or folder.

Contacts in an Exchange account can belong to only one folder at a time. Any contacts not in a created folder are in the default Exchange Contacts folder.

See groups and folders a contact belongs to

Select the contact, then press the Option key.

The groups and folders containing the contact are highlighted.

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