Contacts (Mavericks): Manage your contacts

Manage your contacts

With Contacts, set up all of your contact accounts (such as your iCloud, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! accounts), then manage your contacts in one convenient place. Add contact info once, then access it from many other apps, including Mail, Calendar, Messages, and FaceTime.

Contacts window

In Contacts, you can:
Option Description
Set up contact accounts: Choose Contacts > Add Account, then click the account type.
Add a contact: Click Add (+), then choose New Contact.
Combine duplicate contacts: Select the contacts, then choose Card > Merge Selected Cards or Link Selected Cards.
Map a location: Place the pointer over an address label, then click Show Map.
Send an email: Click an email address label, then choose Send Email.
Start a conversation: Click a phone number or email address label, then choose Send Message.
Start a video call: Click the FaceTime button.
Open a website: Click a URL.
Last Modified: Nov 6, 2013
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