iTunes 10 for Windows: Symbols used in iTunes

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Symbols used in iTunes

When you import music and videos, symbols indicate the status. Other symbols enable you to do tasks.

Description of symbol
What the symbol means
Music video icon

display icon

The item is a video

Book icon

book icon

The item is a PDF file

arrows pointing out

Click to enter full-screen mode

arrows pointing in

Click to exit full-screen mode

Orange zigzag icon

moving zigzag

The song is being imported into iTunes from a CD or your hard disk

Green checkmark icon

green checkmark

iTunes has finished importing the song

Exclamation point icon

exclamation point

Next to a song: The song can’t be located; it may have been moved or deleted

Next to a podcast: Recent episodes haven’t been downloaded because you have multiple unplayed episodes

Broadcast icon

broadcast icon

The song is stored on the Internet; when you click the song, it is “streamed” live to your computer

Checkbox icon

black checkmark

The song will be included in the specified action. For example, only songs with a checkmark are imported when you click Import

Speaker on icon


The song is playing

Sync icon

chasing arrows

The item is being copied or downloaded from the Internet

Eject icon

eject icon

Click to eject the CD or remove the device from the Source pane

Blue dot icon

blue dot next to podcast episode or series

You haven’t begun to play this episode, or there is at least one episode in the series that hasn’t been played

Blue half-dot icon

blue half-dot next to podcast episode or series

You've begun to play this episode, but haven’t yet played it all the way through

Triangle on the left of the display window icon

triangle on the left of the display window

Click to switch between the playback bar and the volume meter

Curved arrow icon

curved arrow at the right of the display window

Click to highlight the currently playing song

Published Date: Mar 25, 2014