iMovie (2013): Consolidate projects and events

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Consolidate projects and events

In the course of creating a movie or trailer, you might use clips and photos outside of your library, especially if another hard disk that contains media or iMovie libraries is attached to your computer. If the media used in a movie, a trailer, or an event is located outside your iMovie library, you can consolidate all the media in one location (on one hard disk) by copying the media to your iMovie library.

Collect the source media files for a library, an event, a movie, or a trailer in one location

  1. If you don’t see the Libraries list, click the Show button Figure. Show button. on the left side of the toolbar.

  2. To select files to consolidate, do one of the following:

    • Select a library in the Libraries list.

    • Select one or more events in the Libraries list.

    • Select an event in the Libraries list, and then select one or more movies or trailers in the browser.

      iMovie uses your selection to determine where the files are copied to. If you select a library or an event, the files are copied to that library or event. If you select a movie or trailer, the files are copied to the event containing the selection.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To consolidate source media for a library: Choose File > Consolidate Library Media.

    • To consolidate source media for an event: Choose File > Consolidate Event Media.

    • To consolidate source media for a movie or trailer: Choose File > Consolidate Project Media.

  4. In the window that appears, click OK.

    If a message appears stating that there is nothing to consolidate, all of your media files are already consolidated in one location.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2018