iMovie (2013): Share to “iMovie” Theater

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Share to iMovie Theater

iMovie Theater is where you view your finished movies, trailers, and clips. You can share a movie directly to the Theater, or have a copy of the movie sent to the Theater automatically when you share to other places (such as Vimeo or iTunes). For more information, see Share online.

When you add a movie, trailer, or clip to the Theater, iMovie creates versions of your movie tailored for local playback, playback on an iOS device, and streaming. An activity indicator appears on the right side of the toolbar while these other versions are being created. Click the activity indicator to see details. You can continue to work in iMovie, or quit without affecting the share operation. The indicator disappears when the operation has finished.

Figure. Activity indicator in the toolbar.

With iCloud, movies and trailers that you create with iMovie and share to the Theater automatically appear in iMovie Theater on your other devices. Here’s how you can view the movies on your other devices:

  • On another Mac, open iMovie and click the Theater button in the toolbar. For more information, see iMovie Theater overview.

  • On iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, download iMovie for iOS from the App Store, open it, and then tap Theater at the top of your screen. For more information, see iMovie Help for iPad and iMovie Help for iPhone.

  • On Apple TV, choose iMovie Theater from the main menu.

Movies in iCloud are private—they are tied to your iCloud account and cannot be viewed by others.

Important:   Movies, trailers, and clips uploaded to iCloud can’t be longer than 15 minutes.

Share to the Theater

  1. Select a movie, trailer, or clip in the browser.

  2. Click the Share button in the toolbar, and then click Theater.

    Figure. Share button in the toolbar.

    The item you selected is sent to iMovie Theater. When you share a clip to the Theater, it’s automatically named with the name of its parent project.

    A red badge with a number in it appears over the Theater button in the toolbar, indicating the number of items that have been added to the Theater since you last visited the Theater.

  3. To view your movie, clip, or trailer in the Theater, click the Theater button in the toolbar.

    Figure. Theater button in the toolbar.

    For more information, see iMovie Theater overview.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2018