iMovie (2013): Add animated travel maps and backgrounds

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Add animated travel maps and backgrounds

iMovie includes a library of animated travel maps and backgrounds you can use to add color and narrative to your movie. For example, an animated travel map can show where you and your family started your vacation, and give an idea of far you traveled on an animated globe, or it can just indicate a destination. Backgrounds can be used as bridge elements that connect one part of your movie to another.

Note:   The first time you skim a map, iMovie generates a preview; you may have to wait for the preview to finish before continuing.

Add an animated travel map or background to your movie

  1. In the timeline, position the playhead where you want to add the animated travel map or background.

  2. In the Content Library section of the sidebar, select Maps & Backgrounds.

  3. In the browser, find the animated travel map or background you want to add to your movie.

    As you skim maps and backgrounds in the browser, previews appear in the viewer.

    Figure. Animated travel map in the viewer.
  4. Double-click the map or background.

    The map or background is added to the movie at the playhead position.

Modify an animated travel map

You can change the route and style of the animated travel map in your movie.

  1. Select the animated map, then click the Adjust button in the toolbar.

    Figure. Adjust button in the toolbar.

    The adjustments bar appears above the viewer, including the animated travel map controls.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • To create a route: Choose a start location and end location from the route pop-up menus.

      Note:   You can enter a custom name for a location in the “Name to display on map” text field.
    • To change the look of the animated travel map: Choose an option from the Style pop-up menu.

    • To reverse the route: Click the swap button.

      Figure. Animated travel map controls for start and end location, route swap, and map style in the adjustments bar.
    • To remove the route changes: Click the Reset button Figure. Reset button. to the right of the Style pop-up menu.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2018