iCloud: Keynote for iCloud

Keynote for iCloud

Keynote for iCloud is web app that allows you to create and edit presentations using a web browser on a Mac or Windows computer.

You can share a presentation with others by sending them a link to it. Recipients can click the link to view the presentation, and you can also allow them to edit it so you can all work collaboratively. Any changes you or others make to the presentation are saved in iCloud, so everyone always sees the latest version.

Presentations you create with Keynote for iCloud are automatically available in Keynote for iOS and Keynote for Mac on all your devices set up to use iCloud. This integration works in both directions. For example, you can create a Keynote presentation on an iOS device or a Mac, and it appears automatically on iCloud.com in Keynote for iCloud. That means you can edit presentations from anywhere—your devices, computers, or on iCloud.com—and the changes show up everywhere.

When working with Keynote for iCloud, make sure you use a recommended web browser.

Note: To use Keynote for iCloud, you need to use iCloud Drive. For more information, see the Apple Support article Use iWork with iCloud Drive.

Published Date: Jun 13, 2017