OS X Mavericks: Set up iCloud Documents & Data

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Set up iCloud Documents & Data

Some apps let you store documents in iCloud instead of on your Mac, so that you can open and edit the same documents on other devices. For example, you can use TextEdit or Preview on your Mac at home to save documents in iCloud, and then open and edit those documents using TextEdit or Preview on your Mac at work.

You can also store documents in iCloud using the iWork apps—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—on your Mac, iOS device, or iCloud.com. Then open the documents and edit them using the same apps on another Mac or iOS device set up for iCloud Documents & Data, or use the iWork apps on iCloud.com from a web browser on a Mac or Windows computer.

iCloud keeps other kinds of data up to date for some apps. For example, iCloud Documents & Data keeps your iCloud Mail rules, signatures, flag names, and Smart Mailboxes up to date in the Mail app on your Mac and iOS devices.

iCloud Documents & Data requires OS X v10.8 or later or iOS 6 or later.

  1. Open iCloud preferences, then turn on Documents & Data.

    If you’re asked to sign in, enter the Apple ID you use with iCloud.

  2. To select which apps to use with iCloud Documents & Data, click the Options button near the feature name.

To set up Documents & Data on your iOS device, go to Settings > iCloud.

Keynote, Numbers, and Pages are available from the App Store on your Mac and iOS devices.

Check the documentation for your other apps to find out which ones have documents and data that iCloud keeps up to date.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2015
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