OS X Mavericks: More Options panel

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Zoom options of Accessibility preferences

Set options for full-screen or picture-in-picture zoom by clicking More Options in the Zoom pane of Accessibility preferences.

Option Description

Fullscreen Zoom


Maximum Zoom and Minimum Zoom

Set the magnification range to use when zooming in and out rapidly.

Show preview rectangle when zoomed out

Display a rectangle on the screen that shows the center point of the zoom. Drag the rectangle to the area where you want to zoom.

Continuously with pointer

Make the zoomed image move with the pointer.

Only when the pointer reaches an edge

Prevent the zoomed image from moving until you move the pointer to an edge of the screen.

So the pointer is at or near the center of the screen

Keep the center point of the screen near the pointer as you move it.

Picture-in-picture Zoom


Magnification (x)

Set the magnification in the zoom window.

Window position

Set whether the zoom window stays in one location on the screen, follows the mouse cursor around the screen, or is tiled along an edge of the screen.

Cursor style

Set the cursor style used in the zoom window.

Invert colors

Set the display of the zoom window to the opposite of the screen display, as specified in the Display pane of Accessibility preferences. For example, if the screen display is set to “Black on white,” the zoom window displays white on black.

Enable temporary zoom

Display the zoom window when you hold down the Control and Option keys together.

Speak items under mouse after delay

Set how many seconds the system waits before it speaks the items that are under the pointer.

Adjust size and location

Open the zoom window to resize and reposition it.

Resize: Drag any edge or corner of the window.

Reposition: Drag the window to a new location, or to an edge of the screen.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2015