OS X Mavericks: Customize formats to display dates, times, and more

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Customize formats to display dates, times, and more

Change the language and formats used to display dates, times, numbers, and currencies in Finder windows, Mail, and other apps. For example, if the region for your Mac is set to United States, but the format language is set to French, then dates in Finder windows and email messages appear in French.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Language & Region.
  2. Choose a geographic region from the Region pop-up menu, to use the region’s date, time, number, and currency formats.
  3. To customize the formats or change the language used to display them, click Advanced, then set options.

    In the General pane, you can choose the language to use for showing dates, times, and numbers, and set formats for numbers, currency, and measurements.

    In the Dates and Times panes, you can type in the Short, Medium, Long, and Full fields, and rearrange or delete elements. You can also drag new elements, such as Quarter or Milliseconds, into the fields.

  4. When you’re done customizing formats, click OK.

    The region name in Language & Region preferences now includes “Custom” to indicate you customized formats.

To undo all of your changes for a region, choose the region again from the Region pop-up menu. To undo your changes only to advanced options, click Advanced, click the pane where you want to undo your changes, then click Restore Defaults.

To change how time is shown in the menu bar, select the “Time format” checkbox in Language & Region preferences, or select the option in Date & Time preferences.

Last Modified: Oct 20, 2015

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