OS X Mavericks: Create and use a burn folder

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Create and use a burn folder

You can create a burn folder to collect files you want to burn onto a CD or DVD. Burn folders are useful for burning several copies of a folder or for regularly backing up a set of files by burning them to discs.

Create a burn folder

  1. Click the desktop (the background area of your screen) if you want to keep the burn folder on the desktop; otherwise, open the window where you want to keep the burn folder.
  2. Choose File > New Burn Folder, then type a name for the folder.
  3. Drag the items you want to burn to a disc to the burn folder.

    The Finder places aliases to the items in the burn folder; the originals are not moved.

If you like, for quick access to the burn folder in the future, drag it to the Favorites section of the sidebar in a Finder window.

Burn the contents of a burn folder to a disc

  1. Open the burn folder, then click Burn. (Or, if the burn folder is in the sidebar of a Finder window, click the burn icon next to it.)
  2. Insert a blank disc into your computer’s optical drive, or into an optical drive connected to your computer, then follow the instructions. The original files that the aliases point to are burned to the disc.

If the Finder can’t find the original file for an alias, it asks whether to cancel burning or to continue without that item. If you cancel, the disc remains empty.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2015
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