OS X Mavericks: About smart cards

About smart cards

Smart cards, such as U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Cards and the U.S. Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cards, are access-control devices. You use a smart card to physically authenticate yourself in situations like these:

  • Client-side authentication to PK-enabled websites (HTTPS)

  • Remote access (VPN: L2TP/PPTP)

  • Port-based Network Access Control (802.1X)

  • Unlocking keychains (/usr/sbin/systemkeychain)

You must obtain the driver (Tokend) installer necessary to support the type of smart card in use from one of several open source or commercial third-party providers. For more information on tokend installers, smart cards, smart card software updates, or for discussion and support, see the SmartCard Services project on the MacOSForge.org website.

Last Modified: May 8, 2014

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