MainStage: Loopback overview

Loopback overview

The Loopback plug-in lets you record virtual “tape loops,” play them back repeatedly, and overdub new recordings while previous ones continue playing. You can use Loopback to create simple loops, recurring motifs, or complex, evolving textures.

Using Loopback as an audio effect plug-in in an instrument channel strip, you can create looped performances with a single instrument, your voice, or other audio material. By inserting Loopback in an aux channel strip and using it as a send effect, you can create loops with multiple instruments, vocal performances, and other audio material routed from other channel strips. Relative levels can be controlled with the Send knobs of the source channel strips.

Loopback lets you create “sound-on-sound” backing tracks or grooves in your MainStage performance. You can use multiple instances as a rhythm section, and switch between a reduced and a full version of your rhythm parts, for example. The Loopback plug-in is a flexible, powerful, creative tool both for the studio and for live performance. You can also export loop performances as standard audio files to use in other plug-ins, including the Playback plug-in.

Published Date: Aug 8, 2019