Logic Pro X: Logic Pro preferences overview

Logic Pro preferences overview

In Logic Pro, you can define and modify preferences that apply to all projects. You do this in the Preferences window. These preferences are automatically saved whenever you quit the application. A general preferences file, named com.apple.logic10.plist, is found in the ~/Library/Preferences folder. A separate preferences file for control surfaces, named com.apple.logic.pro.cs, is stored in the same location. You can’t edit either file directly. Any changes must be made in Logic Pro. If you delete a preferences file, a new one is created the next time you open Logic Pro. All preferences will be reset to their default values.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences, you can reset preferences to their default values manually.

In some instances, you’ll see a button in the Preferences window that links to related settings in the Project Settings window, and vice versa. Both the Preferences window and the Project Settings window can be visible at the same time.

Open Logic Pro preferences

  • Choose Logic Pro > Preferences, or press Command-Comma (,), then choose the name of the pane that you want to open.

Tip: You can also access some preferences using local menus (in the Score Editor, for example), buttons in the control bar, or shortcut menus.

Reset all Logic Pro preferences (except for keyboard shortcuts)

  • Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Initialize All Except Key Commands.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2018
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