Logic Pro X: Edit arrangement markers

Edit arrangement markers

After you add arrangement markers to the arrangement track, you can use them to rearrange your project. You can select arrangement markers, move and copy them, replace them, and delete them from the arrangement track.

When you move or copy an arrangement marker, all of the regions in that section of the project are moved or copied, including the markers on every track in the section, and the automation points on every automation curve in the section. If any tracks in the project are locked, you should unlock them before editing the arrangement markers in the project.

You can also disconnect arrangement markers from the project so that you can move, resize, or delete them without affecting the underlying content.

Select an arrangement marker

  • In the arrangement track, click the arrangement marker.

To select multiple arrangement markers, Shift-click them.

You can’t select noncontiguous arrangement markers.

Move an arrangement marker

  • Drag the arrangement marker to a new position in the arrangement track.

When you move an arrangement marker between two existing arrangement markers, the marker to the right moves right to make room for the new marker. When you drag one arrangement marker directly over another one in the arrangement track, the two markers switch places (all their content is swapped).

Copy an arrangement marker

  • Option-drag the arrangement marker to the position where you want to place the copy.

When you place the copy between two existing arrangement markers, the marker to the right moves right to make room for the copied marker.

Replace an arrangement marker

  • Command-drag an arrangement marker directly over another one.

Delete an arrangement marker together with its regions

  • Select the arrangement marker, then press Delete to delete the regions in the Tracks area below the arrangement marker so it is empty. Press Delete again to delete the arrangement marker.

Important: In case you accidentally delete regions that you want to keep, use Undo to restore them.

When you move or delete an arrangement marker, the sections to the right move left to fill the deleted section, closing up the empty space.

Disconnect arrangement markers

  • Control-click the title Arrangement in the arrangement track header, then choose Suspend Content Connection from the shortcut menu that appears.

    To re-connect arrangement markers, choose Suspend Content Connection again.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019