Final Cut Pro X: Assign camera names and multicam angles

Assign camera names and multicam angles

The Camera Angle and Camera Name properties are flexible metadata tags that you can use to organize your multicam workflow.

Although you can assign metadata to clips at any time, it makes the most sense to assign the Camera Angle and Camera Name tags before you use the clips to create multicam clips. The Camera Angle tag can help you determine and track which clips appear in which angles. The Camera Name tag can be applied during import and is useful in a variety of scenarios, such as in color correction.

In Final Cut Pro, you can create multicam clips automatically or manually. If you use the automatic method for creating angles in the multicam clip, Final Cut Pro looks for metadata in the selected clips in the following order:

  • Camera Angle metadata

  • Camera Name metadata

  • Camera ID metadata

    Note: The Camera ID tag is generated by most modern camcorders and recording devices (including all iOS devices). The Camera ID metadata is imported automatically when you import from a file-based device.

Final Cut Pro uses the Camera Angle, Camera Name, and Camera ID metadata to place clips in the correct angle. If none of this information is found, a separate angle is created for each selected clip.

Do one of the following:

  • Select one or more clips in the browser or the timeline, open the Info inspector, then enter text in the Camera Angle field or the Camera Name field.

  • In the browser in list view, enter text in the Camera Angle column or the Camera Name column for any clip.

    For more information about the browser list view, see View and sort clips and projects.

Note: If you use the automatic method for creating angles, Final Cut Pro uses any Camera Angle tags in the selected clips to name the angles in the resulting multicam clip. If no Camera Angle tags are present, Final Cut Pro uses Camera Name, Name (clip name), or Camera ID metadata to name angles. You can rename angles in the angle editor. For more information, see Sync and adjust angles and clips in the angle editor.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019