Final Cut Pro X: Create instant replays

Create instant replays

You can apply an instant replay to a range selection within a clip or to a whole clip. Final Cut Pro duplicates the range or clip, appending the duplicated frames to the end of the selection as a new segment. You can then modify the speed of the new segment to achieve the instant replay effect you’re looking for.

  1. In the timeline, select a range or a whole clip whose contents you want to use to create an instant replay.

  2. Click the Retime pop-up menu below the viewer, choose Instant Replay, and choose a clip speed from the submenu.

    The Retime pop-up menu below the viewer

    A duplicate of the range or clip is appended to the end of the selection and plays back in forward motion at the speed you chose, and an “Instant Replay” title appears in the upper-right corner of the frame. For information about adjusting the title, see Adjust titles.

  3. If you want to adjust the speed of the instant replay segment, drag its retiming handle.

    Dragging to the left increases the speed, and dragging to the right decreases it.

    The timeline showing the retiming handle of an instant replay section of a clip being dragged to adjust the speed
  4. To see the effect, play back the original selection and the instant replay segment.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019